New York City, Part Deux

Here’s a quick update, for those of you who don’t already know: I didn’t get accepted to any of my top choices for grad school this year, but it’s doubtful I would have finished my BA degree by the end of the summer anyway. So, I’ve decided to postpone grad school for another year, finish my BA degree in the fall or spring, and re-apply to grad schools for fall 2008.The good news: I’ve been accepted into the summer architecture studio at Columbia University in NYC, an intensive 5-week program that offers studio projects, lectures, field trips throughout the city, and office tours of some prominent NYC architecture firms. This program will give me some additional (and hopefully better) projects for my portfolio and provide some valuable networking opportunities for when I re-apply to grad schools next year.

At the conclusion of the program in August, I plan to remain in New York and work full-time there for a year while wrapping up my BA degree on a distance-learning basis during the fall quarter, leaving the winter and spring quarters open to tie up any loose ends if necessary.

Even though my last time living in NYC was somewhat less than pleasant, I’m looking forward to getting back there. That city certainly has a way of getting under your skin. I wish I could move there tomorrow, but then again, I also wish I had another six months to save up money for the move.

Anway, wish me luck…

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