I’m a native Cincinnatian, a former New Yorker, and an architect who now lives in Seattle. When not involved with professional or academic practice, I enjoy reading about history and geography, advocating for social justice, listening to independent music, watching classic films and British television (particularly Doctor Who and Top Gear), sampling craft beers and cocktails at my favorite pubs, and exploring new places from the side streets of New York and London to the mountain roads of the Pacific Northwest.

I’m opinionated about architecture, urbanism, transit, politics, social justice, and stuff (not necessarily in that order), and I’m prone to snark and occasional vulgarities. This is a personal blog dedicated primarily to my own narcissistic navel-gazing; views expressed here are strictly the views of yours truly at the time they were published. They are not necessarily the views of my employer, friends, family, colleagues, or anybody else. I reserve the right to change my mind or contradict myself from time to time.