Job Interview

The job interview went very well, I think… Nice people, good projects, cool office, they seem competent and professional, they liked my work, and they didn’t burst out laughing when we got to the dreaded salary negotiation portion of the meeting. I managed not to fart or make any inappropriate comments about politics or religion, and I even managed not to badmouth my former employers (that took some effort). I have the feeling they’ll make an offer, and I should be hearing back from them next week.

So I leave their office feeling pretty confident, and before getting back on the subway I stop into a hotel along the way to use the restroom. There, to my horror, I discover that while the zipper on my fly was up, the zipper itself had somehow come apart, effectively leaving my fly open during the entire interview (not to mention on the subway ride down and the walk to/from the office). This is a brand-new suit, and the first time I’ve worn these pants outside of a dressing room.

So now I get to make an unplanned trip down to Lord & Taylor to have them fix this thing before I have any more wardrobe malfunctions during subsequent job interviews next week.

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