In the Thick of It

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this lately. Columbia is keeping me busy as hell, and we’re now in full-on crush mode as we finish up our final projects over the next few days. From now through Thursday I’ll pretty much be coming out of Avery Hall only for occasional food and air. It’s been a great few weeks, but I’ll be happy when I have the time to sleep and enjoy the city again. (And getting a full-time paycheck again won’t suck, either.)

New job is going well… Nothing major to report there, except that there’s word about moving the office into new digs at some point in the future. During my interview they seemed particularly interested in the fact that I designed the new space for my old firm in Chicago, and now I’m apparently one of only two people at the new firm that has substantial experience in corporate interiors… This could get interesting.

I finally sold my car on Thursday… Not nearly for as much as I was originally hoping to get for it, but hopefully enough to arrange some sort of post-Columbia housing situation until I can get myself a real apartment. Stay tuned.

Okay, back over to Avery….

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