Bill Cunningham is Beneath Contempt

According to 700 WLW radio host and Rush Limbaugh-wannabe Bill Cunningham, we should “beat the hell out of” homeless people, with “a big old cane, Singapore-style.”

From Media Matters:

Does that include homeless veterans, of which there are many? So much for supporting the troops.

People like Cunningham, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, et al are very wealthy white men who have built up their entire careers by whipping up hatred and resentment against people who are less wealthy, less fortunate, and less white than them. They give voice and justification for the most morally reprehensible impulses of humanity, and they seek to deny others the same basic privileges of civil society that they themselves have greatly benefitted from. If the scriptures they supposedly believe in are to be taken at face value, then they’ll have a lot to answer for someday.

According to Cunningham, “Pain is a great motivator to refrain from certain forms of behavior.”

Fine. I propose that somebody beat the hell out of Bill Cunningham with a big old cane, Singapore-style, whenever he opens his bigoted, racist mouth in front of a microphone.

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